Thursday, January 19, 2012

long neck women.

Recently i just watched this documentary that really catches my attention.
As the title suggests, yes.
Women from the long neck tribe/giraffe tribe/Kayan Lahwi tribe.
Originated from Burma(Myanmar),
now living in northern Thailand.

Why do they have those brass rings on them?

For beauty.
The kids from the tribe actually find it pretty,
they can try to wear it when they are 5,
but once they've reached a certain age,
and have decided to wear them,
she will have to wear it for life!
Isn't it a very high price to pay?
To put your health at risk?

For not being a prey to tigers.
Maybe in the past.
How about now?
Men use guns, Women use brass rings?

woman with most rings, 24 rings.

look like someone? yes. the lady above. one of those few who knew how to twirl the rings ard.

 To tie the women down.
The men were actually afraid that the women will leave them for some other tribesmen.
That's why they use such a cruel and inhumane way,
using the weights to make the women stay.
That's what the woman in the above picture said.
But why is she still willing to wear those heavy brass rings?
"To continue spreading their beautiful legend"
Wearing brass rings has been a great way to distinguish them from the rest.
It has become a tradition.
The more rings you have, the more respected you're.
The cloth under her chin, its not just for decoration purposes,
but its another way of keeping the heat away.

Are their neck really elongated? 
The weight of the brass rings on the neck and limbs can go up to 13 kilograms!
The weight actually deforms the shoulder by pushing it down.
It can cause paralysis.
But young women who removed the rings actually look normal,
just that, the scars will forever be there.

yup, its one long brass, curled around.

Even on their legs.

Their fate doesn't end here.
I wasn't sure whether they were actually forced to stay in the village.
But not all of them like to get visits from foreigners.
Makes them feel that they're like some animals cooped in a zoo.
Heard that they aren't suppose to use any modern gadgets,
otherwise their pay will get docked or punished.

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