Sunday, October 30, 2011

gonna miss long hair

going to cut my hair already!
a little scary,
I haven't got shoulder length hair
for years now.
The last time i stepped into a salon is about 6months back.
Thursday. scary day.
Till then, we'll see.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

best combination!

Just as the heading says.
The best combination ever!
But if you don't have an itouch,
go for an iphone.
But the battery life's gonna be a bitch.

Just as expected,
the battery life for BB is pretty short compared to previous models.
Li-Ion 1230 mAh battery.
9780 is using Li-Po 1500 mAh battery.
Basically one day you gotta charge at least once.
My phone usage is average, i'll say.
So every 8-10hours i gotta charge
the phone again.
It's quite a hassle if you don't have
a portable charger or an extra battery.

The display is pretty extraordinary.
The best i like about BB9900 is the keypad.
It's awesome!

A lousy camera, 
doesn't come with auto focus, but i don't mind.
Browser speed wise, not bad, 
but as compared to iphone, nah.

The touch screen is so convenient,
it's a plus. sensitivity can be adjusted.
If not for the battery, 
everything about this phone is great.

improving your battery life?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

blackberry bold touch 9900

Blackberry Bold Touch 9900

My HTC was stolen in Bangkok.
So now I'll need a new phone. 
Considering the BB 9900.
Instead of the new Iphone 4S.
I got a fucking Itouch 4!
Why do i need an Iphone?
Plus everyone else around me 
are like carrying an Iphone!
That's so boring!

Comparing with other smartphones,
so far BB has the fastest processor with 1.2GHz, 
if i'm not mistaken.

So yeah.
Let's hope I'll get my BB by this friday!

(P.S. I used to use HTC and i don't like it!)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

partings. lol

Side parting has always been my thang. 

Center parting just for the fun of it! 
too bored at home, that's why.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

bah kut teh!

Bah kut teh @ 333 Balestier!
It was my first time eating there,
actually i find it so-so.
My bah kut teh tastes better! :x

Halloween coming right,
best make up; no make up.
I'll look completely hideous like this.
With all the eye bags and dark eye circles ):


BKK hauls!

These are like some random stuffs i bought.
It's a STEAL!

10 baht each!

200 baht

199 baht, bought it because of the weather.

199 baht!

dirt cheap, so didn't bargain.

199 baht!

399 baht each.

but managed to bargain the price to...

2 for 500 baht

199 baht each

didn't bargain. . .

850 baht

sealed it at 200 baht.

180 baht, didn't bargain.

good for potpourri, 4 for 100 baht. just fragrance oil.

bras! didn't bargain too.

bra: 209 baht, panty:50 baht. can be bargained, but lazy!

supposed to be fresh. HAHA. Thai Airways:)

snacks at thai.

male/female masseuses.

169 baht for thai massage, 400 for aroma oil massage.

It isn't much of a buy at Thailand for 4D3N.
Definitely an eye opener though.
And, and, do you know why is it called
The Land of Smiles?
Because when they don't understand you, 
they smile first! :D

Lesson learnt: never buy on impulse.
Bargain, bargain and BARGAIN.
And most importantly,
Take good care of your belongings.
Well, i lost my handphone and money ):
But dad's gonna get me a new Blackberry Bold 9900! 

Alright. gonna hit the books now.
Accounting exam.

<3 you!