Saturday, October 29, 2011

best combination!

Just as the heading says.
The best combination ever!
But if you don't have an itouch,
go for an iphone.
But the battery life's gonna be a bitch.

Just as expected,
the battery life for BB is pretty short compared to previous models.
Li-Ion 1230 mAh battery.
9780 is using Li-Po 1500 mAh battery.
Basically one day you gotta charge at least once.
My phone usage is average, i'll say.
So every 8-10hours i gotta charge
the phone again.
It's quite a hassle if you don't have
a portable charger or an extra battery.

The display is pretty extraordinary.
The best i like about BB9900 is the keypad.
It's awesome!

A lousy camera, 
doesn't come with auto focus, but i don't mind.
Browser speed wise, not bad, 
but as compared to iphone, nah.

The touch screen is so convenient,
it's a plus. sensitivity can be adjusted.
If not for the battery, 
everything about this phone is great.

improving your battery life?

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