Saturday, June 11, 2011

Arsenal's new signing - Carl Jenkinson

Carl Jenkinson.
Too bad he isn't hot although he's just 19.
Well, this is from my perspective.
Others might beg to differ.
Which is totally cool yo!

Carl Jenkinson

Marouane Chamakh is what I'll say "HOT".

Wenger & Chamakh
Look at him! Chamakh's smile is so fucking charming!
1987, 10 January
27years old, Moroccan.

There are also some other hot guys in Arsenal's first team.

Francesc Fabregas
1987, 4 May
27 years old, Spanish.
I hear Spanish guys are pretty romantic.
Please don't go Barcelona!

Andrei Arshavin
1981, 29 May
30years old, Russian.
But he's still freaking cute!
He looks like he's always blushing,
Favourite pose is to put a finger on the lips;
"shhh" whenever he scores a goal.
How mesmerizing!

Next introducing Arshavin's bestie;
Theo Walcott
1989, 16 March
22years old, English.
Young and eager to prove himself.
That's a good thing though, competitive.

Robin Van Persie
1983, 6 August
28years old, Dutch.
Sexy, Clear headed. 
But always injured. 

These are my awesome 5.

It's getting warm in here huh. 
Time for a breather!

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