Thursday, June 9, 2011


I've always been a huge fan of piercing.
I always thought I have had a high pain tolerance.
But it's been some time since I had my last piercing.
Most importantly,
no scars ought to be seen.
Which means preferably no facial piercings.


I THINK I'M GONNA TRY LABRET PIERCING (center lower lip for me!).
It's 3$, why not?
Although I've got this strong feeling it's not gonna look nice on me.
Fuck it,
I can remove anytime I wan. 
Think I must have gone through some trauma that's why I'm going against my beliefs: "no facial piercings"

Nape piercing is a must! 
If not for fad, I would have gotten it already!

she's so freaking hot.
corset; cool pe?!
Eyelid; I won't have the guts to do it.
finger; I bet this is gonna hurt.
lizard tongue; too bad it couldn't be zipped. HAHA.
This might not be consider as a piercing though.
The tooth piercing probably won't hurt at all. 
Ankle piercings are pretty troublesome.
Can't really wear nice footwear.
Hip piercings are pretty cool. 
Both sides must be balanced though.

Genital areas? 
Thought about it. 
But I think I might pass out. 
So, NAH, not appropriate too, due to certain factors :x

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