Wednesday, November 9, 2011

an eye for an eye.

Bet most have heard this saying:
"eye for an eye",
"tooth for a tooth".
But do you know it actually appears in the Bible?
EXODUS 21:24-25
"eye for eye, tooth for tooth,
hand for hand, foot for foot,
burn for burn, bruise for bruise"

To those pious Christians, no offense,
but, wow. Seriously?
I thought we ought to be forgiving?
Mentally torture your "attackers" with kindness,
so that they will be guilt-stricken 
or something along that line.

If based on the bible, let's look at EXODUS 21:15.
"Anyone who attacks his father 
or his mother must be put to death."

Adelyn Hosehbo, gonna face death?!
Forgive your nemesis of their wrong doings.
Forgive, but never forget.

"an eye for an eye",
makes the whole world blind.

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